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Dog & Puppy Training

ALL of our training programs are centered around dog psychology and helping owners get a deeper understanding of their dogs. We help get answers to the "why" of problematic behaviors. We help owners understand their dogs needs in a deep way and assist in helping them put their best foot forward in being the leader their dog needs them to be.

Leadership, State of Mind and Energy


Companionshep offers 6 week Critical Concepts Group training classes ($395) and Private Session Consultations ($85 - $120)
Next Puppy Class begins May 20, 2024 (CLASS IS FULL)

6:00-7:oopm MONDAYS

Reserve your spot today!!

Another group class will be announced soon! *****


Group Class structure is sequential, beginning with the basics. Each week we will reaffirm our previous lessons while integrating more advanced lessons. Companionshep provides owners with the tools they need to insure long, happy lives with their dogs. 


Your puppy will learn things like;

Sit, Stay, Come, threshold respect, leash manners,
proper socialization and relationship building with distractions.

Owners will gain a deeper understanding into their dogs behavior. Owners will learn how to be effective leaders for their dogs. 
Tips, tricks and insights abound!

Treats and clickers provided!!

Private Lessons/Consultations are available to interested parties to understand their dog better, address problematic behaviors and more. Private training pricing is dependent on the needs of each individual dog per each hour long session. 

Sales tax and fees apply to all transactions. We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and personal checks. 

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