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                                 meet the owner


For nearly 15 years I have proudly worked in animal care and as a clinical veterinary technician for the past 9 years. It has been the joy of my life helping over two dozen species of animals heal and live better lives. Here at Companionshep, we are your pets home away from home, with fun and friends and companionship, of course! It is evident when you walk through our door that I have set out to create a different kind of place. Through my years of academic and clinical experience coupled with certifications in animal behavior, welfare, dog emotion and cognition and being a certified Contemporary Animal Services professional, I am profoundly honored to be able to bring my expertise forward to provide this professional, safe and needed service to the area!


At Companionshep we strive to provide the same level of companionship and love that dogs give to us. We encourage healthy social interactions among dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.  Exercise and socialization keep a dog's body and mind active which both contribute to a dog being physically and mentally fit.  It is our mission to get to know each dog's personality, energy level, play style, behavior traits, obedience commands as well as a dog's limitations.  We believe in doing what is right for each dog individually because every dog is unique. Our goal is for your dog to have the best experience while in our care.  


Just as dogs are known for their loyalty to their human companions, our goal with dog owners is to form a long lasting relationship with each of our clients for years, and for all the generations of dogs welcomed into your home. We are committed to caring with an open dialogue. We provide our clients with honest feedback all based on the observations made while your dog is in our care. We are committed to finding solutions to enhance your dog's experience. We will assist our clients with tips to improve your relationship with your dog, their friends and your friends' dogs. We will always prioritize the needs of the dogs and convey our recommendations with the utmost honesty which comes from years of experience and passion working with dogs.  We want your dog's experience at Companionshep to be the best it can be.


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