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Luxury Grooming

At Companionshep, we exclusively use top tier, luxury salon products on every dog. This terrific product line is thoroughly cleansing and offers rich blends of amino acids, collagen, keratin complex with moringa, argan and crambe oils providing your pets coat with unparalleled long lasting hydration, restoration and shine.  
There is nothing better!!

The Sapphire Bath Package

This includes our signature luxury bath with facial, blow-dry, brush-out, nail trim, ear cleaning, bow and/or bandana and VIP spritz.

(No haircut).     (Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds etc)
$34.99 - $79.99 +


The Emerald Bath Package

This includes everything in the Sapphire Bath Package plus a face, feet and fanny trim as needed.   (Spaniels, Shelties, Setters etc)
$49.99 - $94.99 +


The Diamond Bath Package

This includes everything in the Sapphire Bath Package plus a full-body, head to tail haircut.  (Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Saint Bernards etc)

$64.99 - $109.99 +


Exit Baths

Does your dog attend our daycare? If so, we can give your dog an Exit Bath at the end of their daycare play so they go home clean and ready to cuddle!
Exit Baths include a bath, kennel-dried and VIP spritz.

$19.99 - $39.99+

*Subject to availability



Salon Package Add-Ons

& A La Carte Services

Silky Repair Mask (add to any bath package)- $8  
Flash Deep Conditioner  (add to any bath package) - $8

Paw Moisturizing Treatment - $5
Odor Neutralizing Treatment - $5

Sanitary Trim (Face, Feet, Fanny)- $15+
Special Handling - $10 +
Nail Trim - $12+

Nail Trim with Grinding - $17

Nail Grinding - $8
De-Matting - $10 per every 15 minutes
Breed Specific Cut (Diamond add-on only) - $5



Please note, all salon prices are subject to change depending on dog size, temperament, individual needs and coat condition. 

*Sales tax will apply for all services. We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express as well as personal checks. 

*To ensure availability, it is required that reservations be made well in advance particularly during high volume/ peak periods such as holidays and weekends.  

Pet Grooming Tools

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